Evolving technology for industrial and commercial customers in high reliability sectors.

Axiom's process and testing standards set new benchmarks for quality in electronics manufacturing. Our proven commitment provides customers with the confidence that the products we assemble can be relied upon to withstand repeated use in the harshest environments.

The Axiom advantage

A considered approach to delivering PCBA and box build solutions for industrial and commercial customers, who's products must operate in the harshest of conditions.


Streamlined sustainable supply chain solutions that avoid obsolesence and optimise time to market.


Bespoke maufacturing processes and test development to ensure reliability for next generation green energy technology and electronification systems.


Can Axiom support customers operating in industrial or commercial sectors?

Axiom is a specialist in high-reliability, complex electronic systems, that need to operate in harsh environments. If your industrial or commercial products fit this description, then Axiom will add great value to your business.

Does Axiom support finished product logistics and out of warranty services?

Tailoring logistic solutions to support our partners end customer requirements, we deliver across the world to hubs or direct to customer premises. Axiom supports partners who require out of warranty services, such as repair and upgrade, with a dedicated team and service. 

Axiom are considered a key manufacturing partner within Disguise’s Global Supply Chain. Quality products paired with cutting-edge technology are forefront requirements for Disguise's Media Servers, and Axiom have continuously met the high standards expected from such a critical supplier. 

Axiom encompasses the agility and innovation of a start-up, with the quality & manufacturing standards of a Tier 1 Contract Manufacturer, transitioning from Prototype through to Mass Production, fast-paced with a high degree of control.

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