We work to reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental quality at a local and global level, through leading edge technology and green practices.


Our commitment to addressing the environmental challenges we face combines the sustainable practices, processes, and technology we adopt at our UK facility, and extends through the green supply chain services Axiom operates globally.

We are committed to validating our programmes to assess the true impact they have on our people and environment, to identify how we can support both through infrastructure and technology. 


Axiom builds streamlined sustainable supply chain solutions that help our clients reduce the carbon footprint of their products.


Axiom scored higher than or equal to 78% of companies rated by EcoVadis

We recognise our place within our local communities and the positive impact that we can have on its people, education, technology and environment.


Environmental protection

Our unique 22-acre site offers solar energy, river wildings, natural forest wildlife, and vast green spaces.


Renewable energy

2,250 Solar panels span our roof space utilising natural resources to power the sites electricity requirements.


Ecology partnerships

We partner with a local community led Beekeeping company to support pollination. Our 4 onsite hives, home to over 80,000 bees, produce the honey sold in our canteen.


Wildlife care

Rewilding on our land supports the health of the River Ebbw, pollination, and the wildlife who call our site home.


Electric vehicles

We’ve swapped from manual diesel cars to electric pool cars for business trips.


Green charging

Visitors and employees can charge their vehicles for free while on site.


Sustainable investments

We switched to LED lighting across our site to reduce energy usage and improve working conditions.


Energy efficient

We monitor and report energy usage across our site and display data on our solar power generation and how it’s used.