Axiom launches education through industry

Marking the launch of its Education Through Industry initiative, Newbridge-based technology specialist, Axiom Manufacturing Services, has donated over five thousand pounds of technology kits to primary schools in South Wales.

Regardless of the path they choose, the careers and lives of every child today will be governed by technology. Recognising this, Axiom decided to ensure that pupils in its neighbouring communities can discover a love for engineering and technology.

With the inventor’s kits, pupils from seven schools are now able to discover that with their imagination and STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) skills, there is no limit to the technology they can create.

The electronics manufacturer is now calling on its industry counterparts to think about how they help support local schools to inspire young learners to explore how they can become technology creators rather than just consumers.

Axiom Manufacturing Services’ managing director, explained: “Today’s schools should be commended for the tireless work to stimulate a love for learning in their pupils. Though they are all too often underfunded, we rely on them to help our children to discover their potential. As businesses, we ask them to ensure pupils develop the skills we need for our teams. As a nation, we will depend on them for our economic future. But do we as businesses do enough to support them?

“We knew there was more that we could do for the younger generation and we’re sure others can too. They have to for the sustainability of their businesses.”

One of the schools to receive the inventor’s kits was St Michael’s Catholic Primary School in Treforest, Pontypridd. Commenting on the donation, its headteacher, Joanna Taylor, said:

“We’d like to thank Axiom for their donation to our pupils, who are already using the Micro Bits and in Coding Club and Enrichment Friday’s. The pupils were very excited and able to work well in pairs for a Rugby World Cup themed project to code symbols of rugby related items. They will then be creating a score board and moving on to advertising around the rugby pitch.”

Miss Davies, a Teaching Assistant at St Michaels, added: “Working with local business promotes the sense of community, which is something we aim to do through our school ethos. Companies and local business can support schools with a variety of simple and everyday skills. Day experiences and school trips alone to business provoke interest in the children to allow them to understand the world of work and perhaps spark interest for a future profession.”

Sharon Pascoe, headteacher of Fochriw Primary School, said: “I had the pleasure of joining the pupils for their visit to Axiom and we completely appreciate the very generous donation of the inventor’s kits. At Fochriw Primary School we are a Lead Network School for science and technology. As a result, we can act as a facilitator for schools across S.E. Wales to link schools with local businesses.

“Axiom allowed for authentic learning experiences through visiting the site and actually linking STEM with the world of work and industry. It provides excellent opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving whilst allowing our learners to have aspirations in the field of STEM.”

Cwmcarn Primary teacher, Ms Beech, said: “Support from Axiom helps our children to develop their interest in STEM subjects, as it allows the pupils an insight into how stem is used within the wider world outside of school. Other local businesses can help schools to do the same by helping us to demonstrate how STEM learning is applied throughout our lives.”

Axiom hopes that its enhanced work with Welsh primary schools will inspire more Welsh learners to pursue core science and maths-based subjects with a view to one day pursuing careers in Wales growing technology industry.

Mr Davies continued: “Our goal, which we are sure other companies will share, is to play our part to help Welsh learners realise the full range of opportunities available to them in the Welsh technology industry. Personally, my hope is that one day we will see some of these pupils return to Axiom to join our apprentice or graduate Programmes.”

Through its award-winning programmes, the company hires new apprentices and graduates annually, while continuing its undergraduate industry placement partnership with the University of South Wales, which enables aspiring engineers to work at Axiom for a year between studies.

Axiom launches education through industry

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