Cabinet Secretary takes high-tech tour

The Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, Ken Skates, has applauded Axiom Manufacturing Services for the role it has played in establishing Wales’ as a technology nation.

Today, Axiom is recognised as one of the UK’s most successful contract electronics manufacturers, but a recent visit to the company allowed the Cabinet Secretary to hear how that success story was born from a need to protect hundreds of highly skilled Welsh jobs.

The company’s Newbridge-based facility was originally purpose built in 1994 to produce Awia stereos, but when moves to offshore manufacture to lower cost regions of the world, a management buyout saw activity switch to contract electronics manufacturing.

Since launching in 2001 as Axiom Manufacturing Services, the business has cemented a reputation as one of the UK’s foremost specialist providers of electronics manufacturing services for the medical, industrial, security, defence and aerospace sectors.

The visit allowed the Cabinet Secretary to discover how continued investment and development of the Axiom’s facility and expertise has enabled the company to stay at the leading-edge of the international tech industry. The success of those endeavours is evidenced by sustained growth that has seen Axiom generate a circa £40million annual turnover.

The tour also allowed the Cabinet Secretary to see first-hand how the forward-thinking Welsh manufacturer is working to inspire and develop new generations of young talent to entering the high-tech Welsh manufacturing sector, via Axiom’s award-winning apprenticeship and graduate programmes.

Following the tour David Davies, managing director of Axiom Manufacturing Services, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Cabinet Secretary and share Axiom’s vision for the future of the Welsh manufacturing industry.

“Axiom has cultivated customer relationships and an order book that has brought investment to Wales and ensured that the manufacturing of technology developed in the UK has remained in the country. We are proud of what we as a team have achieved, but we can never loose sight of our goals for the future.

“We know that the manufacturing and technology industries hold enormous potential for Wales, which is yet to be fully utalised. Welsh high-tech manufacturing needs to be sold to the world. It is reassuring to hear that this is a goal Welsh Government shares.”

Cabinet Secretary takes high-tech tour

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