Axiom secures top aerospace recognition

Axiom Manufacturing Services, is set to expand its work for the aerospace sector after securing the coveted Nadcap AC7120 accreditation, the industry’s most stringent quality and safety standard.

The Nadcap programme is recognised across the globe as being one of the most rigorous audit processes in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Having secured the prestigious accreditation, Axiom will now appear on the Performance Review Institute’s Qualified Manufacturers List, reserved for companies proven to provide the highest levels of quality assurance in their field of expertise.

The standard was awarded following an in-depth audit and inspection of Axiom’s 300,000 sq ft UK Government-approved facility in, Newbridge, South Wales. The AC7120 certifies that all aspects of Axiom’s Printed Circuit Assembly processes meet Nadcap’s standards.

Joe Pinto, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance
Review Institute, said: “Congratulations to Axiom Manufacturing Services on successfully passing what may be the aerospace industry’s most stringent process capability assessment audit.

“Nadcap audit criteria are widely acknowledged to be hard to meet and companies like Axiom, who succeed at doing so, rightfully deserve recognition.”

The Nadcap accreditation followed an extensive audit of each aspect of the manufacturers process line, from CAD/CAM data design and material handling, to final testing of a customers assembled product.

In addition to the aerospace sector, Axiom is recognised as one of the UK’s foremost providers of contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) services for the medical, defense and industrial markets.

Commenting on the CEM’s obtaining Nadcap certification, Mike Jones, Axiom’s director of operations, said: “We have always worked to ensure that our processes deliver the highest standards of quality and value for our customers. The Nadcap audit process can be a daunting prospect for any business and we are proud that the quality commitment that every member of Axiom adheres to, has been recognised. While it represents the gold standard for aerospace quality and safety, we believe that this accreditation also stands as a guarantee of capabilities in every market we serve.”

Axiom secures top aerospace recognition

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